Baseball and Fastpitch Softball are games of inches that require split-second reactions, instinctual skills and lightning fast agility.  Athletic Republic has been building these attributes in baseball players for almost 20 years.  Our roster of MLB players ranges from retired greats like Cal Ripken, Jr., Darin Erstad and Mark Langston to current sluggers like Jim Thome, Travis Hafner, Troy Glaus and Tony Clark. 
Athletic Republic Training Centers provide year-round football training for both teams and individual players.  Every program is designed by position so athletes can focus on the specific keys to their game.  From in-season practice and games; to post-season speed, power and agility development; to spring practice, combines and/or competition in other sports; to pre-season prep for two-a-days, Athletic Republic represents the best in performance sports training and athlete improvement.

Ever since founder and exercise physiologist John Frappier first worked with All Pro NFL Football Players Tim Krumrie and Anthony Munoz of the Cincinnati Bengals nearly 20 years ago, our performance sports training centers have been the go-to place for serious football players. More than 500 NFL players including current greats like LaMarr Woodley, Darren McFadden, Corey Graham and Paris Lenon have used our science-based, position-specific sports training protocols and proprietary equipment to improve their speed, power, agility and playmaking skills. We take football training far beyond the standard weight room, to a place where ground-breaking assessment tools, integrated video and performance management software provide a rock-solid framework for developing and evaluating the capabilities of football players from youth to pro.
Athletic Republic training makes athletes faster on the football field. Our football speed-training program focuses on improving speed and fundamental movement skills, developing explosive power to deliver a blow or gain a first step, and conditioning to ensure the athlete performs as well in the fourth quarter as the first.

Athletic Republic gives athletes a competitive advantage. Our proprietary equipment, certified trainers and proven training protocols create an environment that maximizes athletic potential. Super Running Treadmill is a proven training tool that safely takes the athlete beyond what he/she can do on the ground.  The feedback provided verbally by Athletic Republic certified trainers and visually through mirrors and video, contributes to an improved stride and greater running efficiency in just a few weeks.