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The 3 Secrets to Transforming Potential into Performance 

When every athlete in theory has the capability to be their best and to reach their full potential, why do so many athletes fail to achieve their performance goals? What keeps an athlete on JV instead of Varsity, or on the bench instead of starting, or at the back of the pack? Some may blame coaching, or an injury, or the lack of opportunity to showcase their talent, or superior competition. Some may consider it simply a lack of talent or ability.

But the real reason is that the athlete, and his or her support team of parents and coaches, failed to understand the three secrets to transforming their athletic potential into meaningful athletic performance. Simply put, the secrets are in the application of an athlete’s desire, dedication, and direction. 
  • DESIRE: Having achievable short-term goals as well as long-term stretch goals. 
  • DEDICATION: Having the motivation and discipline to consistently work towards achieving goals. 
  • DIRECTION: Having a reliable year-round plan that supports progress towards goals by improving fundamental movement skills, functional movement skills, and sport-specific skills. 
If these three secrets seem obvious, then why do athletes so often fail to maximize their capabilities and achieve the results they seek? Most athletes have the desire; they can visualize themselves making a buzzer beater, scoring the winning run, standing on a podium, crossing a finish line, or holding a trophy. But they often require assistance from a parent, coach or mentor in determining the intermediary steps (the short-term goals) required to realize these moments (long-term goals). Generating the dedication and the focus to work day in and day out towards achieving these goals can be a challenge for many athletes, and the ability to do this is truly what separates top competitors from the rest of the field. 

And finally, many athletes train for their sport but their training plan may lack direction, failing to account for their physical development, strengths, areas for improvement, or their own performance goals. This final challenge is the domain of Athletic Republic, where we help athletes of all ages achieve their goals. 

Athletic Republic’s TEST-TEACH-TRAIN approach applies the fundamentals of sports science to sports training, providing critical direction to athletes with desire and dedication. To begin, we test every athlete in order to establish a performance baseline and identify areas of opportunity for improving speed, power, agility, efficiency, recovery, and sensory-motor skills. Using this road map to improvement, we then teach the movement skills required to excel at a sport or specific position. Finally, we train the athlete with our scientifically proven program using our patented equipment, individualized training protocols, and video analysis technology to provide him or her with an experience designed to deliver improved game-day or race-day performance. 

Athletic Republic approaches training with the essential concept that “One Size Fits One.” Simply stated, Athletic Republic takes an individualized approach to helping every athlete achieve their short-term and, ultimately, long-term goals. Athletes who establish a performance plan with specific objectives for their pre-season, in-season and off-season development are better prepared to compete and seize opportunities. Success breeds success, fueling the desire and dedication every athlete needs to realize their potential.